Getting arrested for drunk driving in Ft Bend can be costly, and no one ever plans on the expense. A Texas DWI / DUI conviction can cost $5,000 or more, not including legal fees and skyrocketing car insurance rates. Fort Bend criminal defense lawyer David Hunter understands that a driving while intoxicated arrest can create a financial hardship for anyone. He offers a free consultation and easy payment plans that allow anyone accused of drinking and driving to receive the expert legal representation needed to fight the charges.

Many accused drunk drivers make the mistake of pleading guilty to the charges immediately, trying to represent themselves, or hiring an inexperienced “bargain” DWI / DUI defense lawyer to represent them. However, a driving while intoxicated conviction is no bargain – a convicted drunk driver faces hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, license suspension fees, and myriad other costs associated with a drinking and driving conviction..

There are many inexperienced defense lawyers who are more than happy to help drivers plead guilty to a DWI / DUI charge, and even many prosecutors who are happy to accept those pleas – after all, it makes less work for everyone. The only person who loses is the convicted drunk driver – he or she is faced with a permanent criminal record, large fines, a suspended license, and possibly a jail sentence.

Many motorists arrested for driving while intoxicated in Fort Bend are under the mistaken impression that there’s no point in fighting a drinking and driving or drunk driving charge, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s entirely possible to fight and win a Texas DWI / DUI case with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable drunk driving defense lawyer.

During a free phone consultation, Fort Bend DWI / DUI attorney David Hunter can explain the accused drunk driver’s rights and options and outline a proven defense strategy designed to minimize or even eliminate the consequences of a Texas driving while intoxicated arrest.

Sometimes pleading guilty is in an accused drunk driver’s best interests, but only if a skillfully negotiated plea bargain makes a guilty plea a good deal for both the driver and the prosecutor. In other cases, it’s far better to take the case before a jury, because the prosecutor’s case may be weaker than the driver realizes. All of the evidence in a Texas DWI / DUI case is open to challenge, including breath tests and field sobriety tests. During a skillful cross-examination, an experienced drinking and driving defense trial attorney can tear apart the arresting officer’s testimony and create reasonable doubt of the driver’s guilt.

And while it’s true that expert legal representation doesn’t come cheaply, it is money well spent, particularly if it allows an accused drunk driver to avoid the repercussions of a conviction. Fort Bend County DWI - DUI defense lawyer and former Texas Judge David Hunter accept all major credit cards and offers a free phone consultation and several payment plans tailored to almost any budget. A motorist who pleads guilty to driving while intoxicated has a 100 percent chance of being convicted, but drivers who stand up and fight for their rights have a chance of leaving the incident behind them with no permanent criminal record.